TENGALAN FISH - Malaysian Indigenous Fish

Tengalan Fish Malaysia

  1. Diet
    An omnivore. In pond culture, they easily take in formulated pelleted feed and other diets. Table below indicates of diets easily accepted by this species. ( Please refer the graph for "Acceptance rating of various diets fed" )
  2. Growth Rate | Life Cycle | Growth
    • High growth rate (Cultured): (to 1 kg in first year and 2-3 kg in subsequent years)
    • May attain a length greater than 50cm and 9kg in native range
    • Record wild size: 8 kg. : Sg Perak (Bersia Lake)
    • Record Cultured size: 11kg
    • Angling record: 4 kg (unofficial): Sg Perak.
    • Longevity typically 5-9 years in native range

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