Grass Carp Promotion

[ENDED] Grass Carp 50% Discount [ENDED]

Are you facing these problems?

  • Raising the wrong species? Low market demand?
  • High Expenses, Low ROI.
  • Many diseases and parasites, Low mortality rate.
  • Too much supply from a specie causing imbalance supply and demand, and a great fall on the market price.
  • Middlemen keep pushing for lower price?
  • Low quality fish meat, Low market acceptance

🐟 WHY Grass Carp?

  • Economical, good choice for start up.
  • Low feeding cost, Faster ROI.
  • Low mortality rate, Low investment risk.
  • Good market demand, popular among consumers.
  • Stable supply, long term demand.
  • Tasty and nutritious, suitable for all kinds of cooking.
  • Often used as sashimi, high demand during chinese new year.

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