Freshwater Fish Of Malaysia

Malaysia has more than 300 species of freshwater fish. We will try our best to record the accurate informtion of Malaysia freshwater fish species. Any comments and corrections are appreciated.


Jelawat - Leptobarbus hoevenii

Knowns as Hoven’s carp, Leptobarbus hoevenii, mad barb, sultan fish, 苏丹鱼

Hoven's carp (Leptobarbus hoevenii; Jelawat in Malay), also known as the mad barb or sultan fish, is a species of fish in the barb family. It is native to freshwater habitats in the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Sumatra. It may reach up to about 1 m (3.3 ft) long. This fish is omnivorous and is a midwater to near bottom dweller. This fish lives in groups.

Taste of the fish: Soft texture, juicy, moist and little fatty.


Temoleh - Probarbus jullieni

Knowns as Jullien's golden river carp, Probarbus jullieni, temolian, 国宝鲤, 独目鲤

The Jullien's golden river carp (Probarbus jullieni) is a species of endangered freshwater ray-finned fish in the Cyprinidae family found in Southeast Asian river basins. In Peninsula Malaysia, this fish was found mainly in the Pahang and Perak river basins. In these river basins, Jullien’s Carp are found in fast rapids and clear pools of water. During the dry season they live in deep waters, but during the wet season, which is also their spawning season, they live in shallow waters.

Taste of the fish: Smooth and soft texture, sweet and tasty.


Tengalan - Putius Bulu

Knowns as banded barb, patius bulu, tenggalan, tingkalan, temelian, 丁加兰

This Banded Barb (Putius Bulu) is found mainly at mid-water to bottom depths in large lowland rivers and lakes. Moves into the flooded forests when water levels are high, feeding mainly on submerged plants as well as on some filamentous algae and insects which occur on the plants. Max length: 35.0 cm TL male.

Taste of the fish: Soft and sweet. A highly priced fish and is very popular at restaurants in major cities.

Patin Buah

Patin Buah - Pangusus Nasutus

Patin Buah, also known as River Fruit Catfish (Pangusus Nasutus) is found in the Pahang river basins and Rajang River basin, Sarawak, Malaysia. A much sort after fish in restaurants and is known for its excellent eating qualities with smooth and soft texture.

Patin Mas

Patin Mas

Patin Emas as locally known is a hybrid Pangasus species. Currently is an important river cage cultured food fish because of its fast growth and its excellent eating taste with firm white meat and soft texture.

Asian Redtail Catfish

Asian Redtail Catfish - Hemibagrus-wyckioide

The Asian Redtail Catfish or locally known as Baung Mekong (Hemibagrus-wyckioide) is a type of small to medium size Bagrid catfish. The fish head is flat conical shaped, cylindrical body, with a higher back hump. There are spikes after its dorsal spine and saw tooth at the leading edge of pectoral spine. The back saw tooth are very big in size. Both adipose fin and rear fin are quite big.

The fish taste is a mix between the Loach fish and the Patin fish. Its meat is whitish, tender and delicious.

Grass Carp

Grass Carp - Ctenopharyngodon idella

Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) is a herbivorous, freshwater fish species of the family Cyprinidae. It is a large cyprind native to eastern Asia, with a native range from northern Vietnam to the Amur River on the Siberia-China border. Grass carp have elongated, chubby, torpedo-shaped body forms. The terminal mouth is slightly oblique with non-fleshy, firm lips, and no barbels. Body color is dark olive, shading to brownish-yellow on the sides, with a white belly and large, slightly outlined scales

Quality: Delicate, bone spur is less, nutritious; extraction of glue from fish scale, suitable for multiple cooking recipe and methods