Who We Are

Ameoba Aquatech was set up and has been envisioned to promote and the rearing of freshwater fishes in Malaysia. To provide fish seedlings of endangered fishes to commercial fish species seed to Malaysian and foreign buyers.

Our breeding farm is located in the outskirts of Gopeng, Perak in the pristine forest away from urban pollution. We used the clean, high quality mountain river water for our production and the rearing of our fry. The farm is situated in a 13 acres farm land with facilities such as a hatchery for breeding and incubation of fry, state of art laboratory, showroom and training rooms, cultivation of live feed area and breeding demonstration for aqua tourism purposes.

Our farm & breeding centre always followed to the strict accordance of Good Aquaculture Practise (GAP standard set by the Fisheries of Malaysia. The used of science, together with latest technology in cultivation and breeding are practised in our hatchery and farm. The site are equipped with a laboratory and with latest water quality monitoring systems to monitor the changes in water quality and to provide maximum conducive environment to the seedlings to ensure the aquatic produces is pollution-free and of high standard which required in Good Aquaculture Practise (GAP) set by relevant authorities.

With our Strong and experience technical team, together with the strong backing and long term program with the Fisheries of Malaysia in production, introduction of new species and better varieties of fish fry offer to the fisheries industry.

We are also committed in safeguarding the health and safety standards set by the authorities in providing high-quality healthy fry and services to our customers.